AHG Whiskey Glass

Group 2
Drink out of a glass instilled with your love of liberty!

This heavy, high-quality 11 Oz rocks glass was handcrafted by master craftsmen in our glass workshop.

After the long processes of heating, altering and curing each glass, they are embedded with a lead-free, solid copper .308 bullet manufactured in Mona, Utah by Barnes Bullets.

Our glasses come in a badass box which highlights the craftsmanship and completes their vintage look.

Important: All glasses are handcrafted, no two can ever be the same!

how it's crafted

Heat up to 1100 °F
Heat with a torch and carefully sculpt
Cure for 10 to 15 hours
Glue a lead-free bullet
Carefully pack

Final product

Each glass is different and has its own unique character depending on the person who is crafting it, the temperature of the glass and the position of the bullet.